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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long have you been a Photographer? 

I have always had an interest in photography. From capturing moments when I was young with my dad's Panasonic, Leica & Canon Film cameras. This transpired to capturing movement with free running and other photography related hobbies. I had a thurst for knowledge, which pushed me through my art degree, focusing on Photography as a basis, understanding composition and lighting. Latterly focusing on landscape photography as well as portraiture, I found myself at a photography company which gave me a further in-depth look into older processes in photography such as film, 110 & 120 film as well as other media, on how it was processed. From there I burst into the wedding scene after multiple people asking me to capture the wedding, after seeing my work online, and in galleries. 


What is your style? 

My photography style is informal, creative & most importantly, to have FUN! I'm not a person who will dictate your event / wedding, unless its needed. I.e. Formal pictures. Other than that, it's all fun and smiles. Capturing natural beauty comes from being relaxed and having a good time. This shouldn't include having a camera in your face 24/7! While I love to capture intimate moments, I love to stand off and capture the raw moments, of emotion, happiness & excitement. I have a fine eye for details so test me on this! 


How do I book? 

It's so easy! 

I recommend we have a phone call or meet up, to discuss what you're looking for. From weddings to events & birthdays, planning is all so important! Once we have broken the ice and had a chat about your day, the rest is simple! All you need to do is pay a booking fee to secure the date. 

Once the dates been secured, I'll ask for details for a contract to be drawn up and sent over too you too sign. Making sure all the details are correct, once that's sorted, you're all good to go! It's as simple as that Full payment is requested 4 weeks before any event. If the event / wedding is less than 4 weeks, the total amount will be requested upon booking. 


Uh-oh! I need to change something... 

Thats not a problem! 

There's 101 things too plan for weddings and events, so changing details isn't an issue. Times & Venues are not an issue, if you find you have an issue with a timing and need to move it, no problem I can sort that for you, and same with location.  In the eventuality of needing to move a wedding date, there is a small charge to do so, this is all based on the availability of the date. 



How many Images do we get? 

Each wedding is different, so there's never going to be a set number of images, but we can give a guideline on what you will be looking at in regard to your wedding package. Rest assured I'll be snapping away through the day, so you'll aways have a nice array of images, and I try not to duplicate the same image. 

The images you receive will have a range of colour & Black and white 

-Pre wedding Photoshoot (Avg. 50-100)

-The essential one Package (Avg. 200- 350)

-The Intimate one Package (Avg. 350-500)

-The wedding day Package (Avg. 500-700)

These numbers are again guesstimates with numbers never falling below the average. All the images are HD and professionally edited. 


What equipment do you Use? 

On a wedding day I usually dual harness Ebony and Ivory. These are my two Sony A Cameras I use on a wedding day. Ebony uses a 35mm prime lenses to capture the wider moments of a wedding day, so the atmosphere of a room or a big confetti shot. Ivory is a 85mm Prime lens that is for all the candid photographs, this is where I can capture from the unknown peoples reactions without feeling like they are being watched by a camera. 


Are you insured? 

Yes, Although I am super careful on the day, if anything was to go wrong, weather illness, I have a network of photographers I can call on too help out. If a  camera failure I have software for recovery, however that is a plus on two cameras &  In the eventuality of a breakage, I have cover for that, including public liability as well. 

Here you can find any questions I've been asked in the past. Any questions you might have I may be able to answer on here. 

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